Sky Is The Limit Foundation (SITLF) is a 501 (c) 3 tax exempt non-profit dedicated to educating, empowering and equipping willing Fathers, Families and professionals on nonmaterial paternity, parental rights, and adoption in relation to the Responsible Father Registry (RFR) to combat adoption trafficking and promote ethical adoption practices.


True To Your SOLE (TTYS) is an umbrella brother organization of  SITLF. In 2012, Denzell Washington and Marcus Schoultz came up with an idea of starting a sneaker forum on Facebook called True to Your S.O.L.E. The forum was birthed from their love and passion for sneakers. Their vision is to take the  energy/momentum of sneakers and intentionally shift the focus towards positive youth development, the awareness of education and alternative opportunities after school. A sneaker forum was initiated for the sneaker community in which all the members could come together and have a discussion on a topic that everyone loves, “Sneakers.” Since starting, the forum has over 5,000 committed members. The forum put Denzel and Marcus in the posture to give back to the community. With the help of DeAndre Schoultz, close friends, and family members they have been able to utilize the money from their clothing line and other fundraisers to have community outreach program(s). The programs consists of youth workshops, STEAM workshops, back to school drives and other community service events.

Every year since starting the forum, we have held a Back to School Drive. The Back to School Drive is held the 3rd weekend of August before the school starts. This initiative is uniquely crafted to help assist economically challenged kids throughout the CSRA with necessities needed for the upcoming school year. Every year keynote speakers come out and speak to the kids about overcoming adversity, having a positive mindset, and the importance of being an asset to their communities. Food is served and educational games are provided to keep the kids entertained. Members in the forum donate school supplies as well as sneakers to give to the kids. The passion that we have for sneakers not only revolves around shoes, but encouraging the youth and their families to walk in a positive path; most importantly, STAYING TRUE TO YOUR SOLE!

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Fathers’ Rights In Adoption In SC

CLE Training


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What are the benefits of giving? 

  1. Tax Deductions
  2. Investments in the long-term stability for families
  3. Reduction (or elimination) of capital gain taxes
  4. Pleasure of knowing you saved a life


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